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  Name Title Group Contact
David Ahlbin Ahlbin, David Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Jayson Arrell Arrell, Jayson Athletic Director 440-326-2361
Rebecca Axford Axford, Rebecca Admin. Assistant - Athletics 440-326-2360
Jayson Bendik Bendik, Jayson Director of Policy and Operations 440-322-6386
Jessica Bendik Bendik, Jessica Personal Trainer 440-322-6386
Autumn Brister Brister, Autumn Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Sara Brutsche Brutsche, Sara Music Lessons Instructor 440-322-6386
Irma Carter Carter, Irma PS Aide & Extended Care Worker 440-322-6386
Danielle Cawthon Cawthon, Danielle Lower School Aide 440-322-6386
Rachel Collins Collins, Rachel Admissions Coordinator 440-326-2367
Dawn Daniel Daniel, Dawn Director of Preschool Operations 440-326-2310
Denver Daniel Daniel, Denver President 440-322-6386
Denver S. Daniel Daniel, Denver S. Physical Science Teacher 440-322-6386
Beka Davis Davis, Beka Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Stephanie Dean Dean, Stephanie Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
James Donnelly Donnelly, James Chapel Technician/Maintenance Assistant 440-322-6386
Ruth Donnelly Donnelly, Ruth Lower School Teacher 440-326-2354
Becki Dorsey Dorsey, Becki Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Emily Dueck Dueck, Emily School Nurse 440-326-2376
Stephanie Fildes Fildes, Stephanie Admin. Assistant - Lower School 440-326-2354
Kevan Ford Ford, Kevan Director of Admissions & Communication 440-322-6386
Tory Gerent Gerent, Tory Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Emily Gerycz Gerycz, Emily Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Heather Gillilan Gillilan, Heather Preschool Teacher 440-322-6386
Jeremy Grove Grove, Jeremy Upper School Principal 440-322-6386
Jessica Guinter Guinter, Jessica Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Danielle Hawks Hawks, Danielle Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Emily Hawks Hawks, Emily Teacher 440-322-6386
Sarah Henthorn Henthorn, Sarah Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Bethany Hill Hill, Bethany Teacher 440-322-6386
Doris Hill Hill, Doris Lunch Service Supervisor 440-322-6386
Denise Hough Hough, Denise Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Kristoffer Hudson Hudson, Kristoffer Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Lana Hurd Hurd, Lana Preschool Aide 440-322-6386
Ryan Hurd Hurd, Ryan Marketing and Communications Coordinator 440-322-6386
Julie Jenkins Jenkins, Julie Preschool Aide 440-322-6386
Tiera Johnson Johnson, Tiera Guidance Counselor 440-326-2351
Betty Keesee Keesee, Betty Preschool Teacher 440-322-6386
Devany Kessler Kessler, Devany Preschool Aide 440-322-6386
Matthew Loescher Loescher, Matthew Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Angie Lowe Lowe, Angie Lower School Principal 440-326-2353
Joanne Mankis Mankis, Joanne Tutor 440-322-6386
Deborah Mann Mann, Deborah Guidance & Alumni Coordinator 440-322-6386
Tiffany Markovich Markovich, Tiffany Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Anna Martin Martin, Anna Lower School Aide & Extended Care Worker 440-322-6386
Rachel Martin Martin, Rachel Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Seth Mayo Mayo, Seth Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Louise McCaslin McCaslin, Louise Lunch Service Assistant 440-322-6386
Ashley Merriman Merriman, Ashley Preschool Teacher 440-326-2310
Kathleen Moore Moore, Kathleen Human Resource and Purchasing Coordinator 440-326-2363
Connie Moses Moses, Connie Lower School Teacher 440-326-2354
Bruce Neubauer Neubauer, Bruce Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Tricia Noggle Noggle, Tricia Assist. Librarian 440-322-6386
Erin O'Brien-Mourton O'Brien-Mourton, Erin Lower School Aide and Admissions Assistant 440-322-6386
Jill O'Neal O'Neal, Jill Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Joy Overs Overs, Joy Tutor 440-322-6386
Zachary Overs Overs, Zachary Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Dina Perez Perez, Dina Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Michael Perris Perris, Michael Lower/Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Katy Phillips Phillips, Katy Admin. Assistant - Upper School 440-326-2374
Wendi Phillips Phillips, Wendi Library Manager 440-326-2358
Leanne Prudencio Benite Prudencio Benite, Leanne Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Taylor Ratajczak Ratajczak, Taylor Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Michelle Riba Riba, Michelle Accounting Manager 440-326-2357
Steven Ribeiro Ribeiro, Steven Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Sue Ellen Ryals Ryals, Sue Ellen Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Susan Schrodt Schrodt, Susan Director of Finance 440-322-6386
Gabe Sigmon Sigmon, Gabe Worship Arts Consultant 440-322-6386
Alexandra Skodny Skodny, Alexandra Lower School Teacher 440-322-6386
Brandon So So, Brandon Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Michelle Stalnaker Stalnaker, Michelle Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Carrie Stintsman Stintsman, Carrie Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Elizabeth Strader Strader, Elizabeth Substitute coordinator 440-670-4190
Christine Sweeney Sweeney, Christine Lower/Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Michelle Terrell Terrell, Michelle Admin. Assistant 440-322-6386
Heather Thompson Thompson, Heather Tutor 440-322-6386
Timothy Thompson Thompson, Timothy Tutor 440-322-6386
Lindsey Thrasher Thrasher, Lindsey Social Worker 440-322-6386
Brandy Trunko Trunko, Brandy Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Jennifer Tutor Tutor, Jennifer Admin. Assistant - Business Office 440-326-2348
Kayla Vincent Vincent, Kayla Lower School Aide 440-322-6386
Amy Wagner Wagner, Amy Preschool Teacher/Aide & Extended Care Worker 440-322-6386
Stephen Wallace Wallace, Stephen Upper School Teacher 440-322-6386
Gary Worzel Worzel, Gary Facilities Manager 440-322-6386
Noah Zaleski Zaleski, Noah Bible Teacher 440-322-6386