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ODCS students in grades K-12 have appearance standards that help shape identity, develop school pride, and maintain a distraction-free environment. Our identity is one that strives to be neat, modest, and professional. (ODCS preschoolers wear play clothes to school.)  Parents have told us again and again that they appreciate CampusWear. Here are some reasons why:

  1. CampusWear helps students mentally prepare for the school day. Just as we adults, prepare for our day with appropriate clothing, CampusWear means students are more focused. 
  2. CampusWear helps students bond. We are a group of families united in Christ at ODCS, CampusWear helps remove distractions of any social or economic differences.
  3. CampusWear is simple and removes any discussions about what to wear in the morning.
  4. CampusWear has options. With a variety of colors and styles, plus freedom in shoes, socks, and accessories (like scarves), a student's style can still show through.

What exactly is CampusWear?  Basically, it is khaki, black, and navy blue pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers with a variety of solid color polo shirts. Friday is usually a Patriot Spirit Day when students in grades Kindergarten - 12th may wear jeans with a CampusWear or school spirit shirt (like a t-shirt from ODCS activity or sport). Read our full CampusWear Policy here.


ODCS has an online SpiritWear store where you can purchase apparel all year long! The Athletic Office will also have some limited items for purchase!

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