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ODCS is proud to offer a variety of tuition payment options to help families fit tuition into their budget. Investing in your child's education and future has never been more convenient. Through our partnership with Facts Tuition Management Services (FACTS), families can choose from one of the following payment options:

  1. Pay the full tuition by June 15th each year or within two weeks of acceptance, whichever is later, and receive a 2% discount (not applicable to Facility Fees). Payment may be made through FACTS or directly to ODCS. FACTS processing fee is $25 for this option.
  2. Make two payments through FACTS, on July 20th and January 20th. Payments may be made through FACTS or directly to ODCS. A $25 annual processing fee is charged by FACTS for this service.
  3. Make monthly payments through FACTS. Monthly payments may be processed on the 5th or the 20th of each month commencing in July and ending in June (12 payments). A $55 annual processing fee is charged by FACTS for this service.
  4. Special Payment arrangement - A special payment arrangement is for making your payments outside of the above options. Please choose this option on the FACTS application during enrollment AND contact the ODCS Business Office no later than April 15 or two weeks after enrollment to set up your payment plan. A $55 annual processing fee is charged by FACTS for this service, in addition to a $20 ODCS processing fee.

*Facts Tuition Management Services (FACTS) is the outside agency ODCS uses for processing tuition payments.