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WITH Groups

WITH Groups are a group discipleship ministry through ODCS. 7th-12th grade students are grouped together with an adult leader that leads them in discussion through the book of Proverbs throughout the year. Groups meet on a weekly basis for prayer and discipleship, and to build relationships.




Our Chapel program is important to the spiritual growth of ODCS students. Once a week, all 5-12th grade students come together for corporate worship and biblical teaching. Worship is led by ODCS students who participate in the Worship Arts class. Messages are usually delivered by our Spiritual Formation team, but often include community pastors or others within ODCS.

Worship Arts

Our Worship Arts class assists in the execution of chapels and other corporate spiritual functions, such as Rooted in Truth. While the Worship Arts class is tasked with conducting chapel services, the class focuses on living a life that is worshipful, both on and off stage. Students learn the art of both preparing and leading worship services, including the technology often utilized in churches and ministries.


Biblical Instruction


Intentional biblical instruction is given to every student at ODCS. It is the source of our instruction and our goal is to help students learn directly from it. We offer a variety of classes from Old Testament Survey to Spiritual Disciplines, all with the goal of having Scripture be the center of the class. We aim to facilitate an education that is comprehensive, relevant, rigorous and cemented in a biblical worldview - all in a caring community where each student is known and appreciated by others.


Since we believe that service is an essential discipline of the Christian faith, ODCS Serves is our school-wide service initiative. Obeying the structure Jesus gives his disciples in Acts 1, we seek to serve others here, near, and far. We do this through our opportunities like ODCS Serves day, Missions Trips, and various service projects throughout the year.