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Welcome to High School

High school is an important part of any student's life as they gain independence and get ready to step boldly into the future. During this time, it's easy to wonder if your student will be prepared.

ODCS is an environment where your student will be prepared spiritually and academically to follow Christ, excel in college and life, and redeem our culture.

The world needs disciples. Our culture needs Patriots. You are who the world needs.

High school is the gateway of the path to college on the journey of life, as the heart and mind are formed in Christ.

We're your partner as your student discovers their calling.


All high school students must meet State of Ohio minimum credit requirements for graduation along with ODCS credit requirements, which include:

• English 4• Math 4
• Science 3• Social Studies 3
• Fine Arts 1• Community Service ½
• Health ½• Physical Education ½
• Public Speaking ½• Electives 4
• Bible 4 

Students are required to pass seven end of year course exams. High school students are required to take four years of mathematics. We strongly suggest that college-bound students take three or more years of foreign language. Honors level diplomas are available. Our students compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program and many have been recognized as finalists, semifinalists, or as commended students by the program throughout the school's history.


• Student Council (STUCO)• Daily Bible instruction
• Ohio Mock Trial• Weekly chapel and CONNECT programs
• Great Debate• Full college preparatory program
• Art fairs• Tutoring program with additional staff
• Senior class trip• Speech therapy/communication skills
• National Honor Society• Drama - fall play and spring musical
• Homecoming activities• Marching and Concert Bands
• Junior & Senior Prom• Choir
• Yearbook• Jazz Band
• Field trips• Competitive OHSAA Div. III & IV athletics
• Honors Academy• Student to teacher ratio = 12:1
• Top Ten of the Class Banquet• ODCS Press



Students seeking additional challenges may enroll in honors courses: Pre-Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Environmental Science & Anatomy, Pre-AP English, Law & Society, Government/Economics, World Studies, Spanish III & IV and Art 2, 3,or 4.


U.S. History, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Calculus AB, and Studio Art.

On-Campus Dual Credit Courses

English Comp I, English Comp II, and Spanish 251 & 252.


Boys: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Track & Field
Girls: Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball


In accordance with our mission, we encourage students to strengthen their education by cultivating virtue and compassion for others. Therefore, in addition to our core curriculum, a minimum of 25 hours of community service for each year in attendance is required of high school students for graduation. Our students participate in a number of service projects: local food drives, community awareness centers, missions trips, shoebox project through BUSES International, and individualized drives. Students have been recognized at the state and national levels for their commitment to serving others.


Jeremy Grove
Upper School Principal

I'm honored that you would consider partnering with us at Open Door Christian Schools! Our school's mission is to equip students to not only excel in the classroom but to also be one of Christ's disciples. Not only do we integrate the Bible in all of our courses, but we provide opportunities for students to serve, compete, and perform in so many ways. Contact us today to get started!


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