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Traditional & Expansion Scholarships

All students in the State of Ohio qualify for the Ohio EdChoice or EdChoice Expansion Scholarship.  The full amount of the scholarship is $6,166 for K-8th students and $8,408 per high school student. Under the traditional scholarship program, families who reside in designated public school districts or who meet certain sibling or guardianship criteria are eligible for the full amount of the scholarship. The expansion scholarship designates families whose household income is at or below 450% of the federal poverty line as eligible for the full amount of the scholarship. Families with a higher household income are eligible for a prorated amount of the scholarship.

Note: EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarships apply towards tuition only. School fees are still the responsibility of the family.

When Do I Apply?

Upcoming Academic Year: Applications may submitted after the student is enrolled in ODCS for the upcoming school year.

Academic Year Already in Session: Applications submitted after the school year has begun will be prorated based on award date. Students must be enrolled before applications can be submitted.

How Do I Apply?

Fill out an EdChoice Scholarship Request Form and submit it to Open Door Christian Schools along with a copy of the student's birth certificate and a current (within 60 days) utility bill showing both mailing and physical address.


  • This form and supporting documents can be brought directly to our Admissions Office. 
  • This form and supporting documents can also be scanned and submitted to High quality photos of the documents are acceptable.

All new EdChoice Expansion applicants and families whose income is at or below the 200% level who would like to receive the Low Income Qualification will need to complete an Income Verification Application through the OH|ID website.



What Information Is Needed?

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Current proof of address with mailing address and service address both shown to match (a utility bill issued within 60 days)
  • Completed and signed EdChoice Scholarship Program Request Form (click here to download the form)
  • Custody Documents if applicable

How Do I Submit My Application?

  • Scan and email all completed pages and documents to
  • Bring all completed pages and documents to Open Door Christian Schools Business Office during office hours.

Other FAQS

The State of Ohio will notify families when applications are approved. This message will also contain information about your scholarship amount.

Upon notification of approval from the State of Ohio, you will receive an acceptance form that must be completed and returned to Open Door Christian Schools. ODCS will notify you if there are changes to this process.

Yes. Tuition payments will continue to be collected on the scheduled dates, and your FACTS payment account will be adjusted accordingly when ODCS receives your scholarship funds from the state.

Making your monthly payments as previously agreed is critical to our operational budget.

Ohio EdChoice qualifies families at or below 200% of the FPL guidelines qualify for low-income status. The law states that low-income families are not required to cover any remaining tuition balance. Those above 200% can be billed for the remaining tuition balance after the scholarship is applied to your account. All families, regardless of income status and scholarship eligibility, are responsible for all fees.

All families that receive financial assistance will be required to apply for an EdChoice Expansion Scholarship. In most cases, this scholarship will replace and even surpass the amount of aid provided by Open Door Christian Schools.

  • Families with new students, contact Rachel Collins ( in our Admissions Office.
  • Families with returning students, contact Sara Pachinger ( in our Business Office.
  • Visit