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EdChoice Scholarship:

The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program was created to provide students from underperforming public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. ODCS is one of the participating private schools. The program provides EdChoice scholarships to eligible students in Ohio who are entering grades K-12.

To learn more, please click on the following link: EdChoice - Ohio's Educational Choice Scholarship Program.

EdChoice Expansion Scholarship:

The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program was created to provide scholarship opportunities to students based on their family household income, regardless of where they live in Ohio (excluding Cleveland, which has a separate program). All families applying for an EdChoice-Expansion scholarship must have their income verified by the EdChoice Office. 
To learn more, please click on the following link: EdChoice - Ohio's Educational Choice Scholarship Program.
Note: ODCS admissions standards still apply.


Church Matching Grant:

The mission of Open Door Christian Schools is to equip disciples through exemplary education. Yet, we know, this process of equipping begins long before students arrive on campus, attend our chapels, or take their first Bible class. Loving parents and local churches have laid a foundation of faithful spiritual formation. As a Christ-centered school, we now build on that foundation, helping students to take the next step in their academic and spiritual journey.

At ODCS, we believe the family and church are vital to a student's spiritual formation. The Church Matching Grant takes “shared mission” from theory to practice. When a local church invests in a student by providing a grant, Open Door Christian Schools will match that grant up to $500 annually. Together we send a clear message to the student — we long for you to become all that God wants you to be, and we are willing to stand with you financially to make that possible.

Grant Overview
  • Up to $500 match from Open Door Christian Schools per academic year per student.
  • May be combined with other discounts and scholarships (but not tuition assistance).
  • Renewable, based on student's church sending a separate scholarship check each year.
Grant Payment Information

Churches should make the check payable to Open Door Christian Schools with the following clearly written on the memo line: “Church Scholarship for [insert student's full name].” If a church is sending a single check for multiple students, please send a cover letter providing the full name of all scholarship recipients and the amount per student.

Mail the check to:

Open Door Christian Schools
Admissions Office
8287 West Ridge Road
Elyria, OH 44035