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Our mission at Open Door Christian Schools is to equip disciples through exemplary education. This means we facilitate an education that is comprehensive, relevant, rigorous and cemented in a biblical worldview - all in a caring community where each student is known and appreciated by others. Four Patriot Principles provide the framework for our spiritual life development and touch all elements of a student’s experience on campus. They are God, Identity, Relationships, and Responsibility.

We teach about GOD to provide a clear understanding of who the Lord is and how He strives to engage a fallen world through Christ’s work of redemption.

We teach about IDENTITY to provide a biblical definition of self, so students clearly understand they are valued and empowered by Christ’s work in their lives.

We teach about RELATIONSHIPS to provide an understanding that we fulfill the greatest commands of loving God and loving others by having positive relationships with one another.

We teach about RESPONSIBILITY to provide the realization that the gifts of salvation, family, and learning are to be appreciated and utilized for the Lord’s glory, the growth of others, and ourselves.

Our commitment is to interweave God's truth in all academic content, provide daily Bible class, weekly chapels, ongoing discipleship groups, and service opportunities. This is our norm so that we provide an education that is distinctly Christ-centered. All to the end that students become disciples who recognize who the Lord is, their need of Him, and act as redeeming agents in culture for Him. 

Equipping Disciples. Redeeming Culture.