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Ask the Alumni

Spring 2017

March 23, 2017
By Patriot Voice

How did ODCS help you discover your passions and prepare you to live out your calling?



I genuinely believe that the teachers at ODCS directed my life and brought forth my strengths and passions. I am a teacher now and I consistently reference several of my teachers at ODCS as to why I want to be a teacher today. They invested in me, cared for me, and taught me invaluable life lessons. Those are the things that I want my students to carry with them when they leave my classroom.


I am a teacher today; I guess you can say I learned that I wanted to make people feel the way my ODCS teachers (made me feel): happy, curious, and cared for.  I teach in a public school and I feel like I have the stamp of my ODCS teachers on my heart as I try to reach out to all my students as best as I can.  And I have 156 students this it is a challenge and not always easy, but it's possible.


ODCS provided an academic foundation and a valuable worldview to be able to go to school anywhere. I wanted to be able to study, pursue, and understand anything towards which I put my mind.


ODCS helped me to be more confident and creative in the decisions and answers of my future.


For me, it was the sense of community that existed within the ODCS student body and faculty.  Having been home schooled up until my high school years at ODCS, it was a huge transition for me, but every one of my teachers displayed such Christ-like love and encouragement to me as a teenager trying to understand my place in an ever-changing world.  As for preparation, I was encouraged to be a leader in many of the areas of school that I was involved with such as band, drama, and student organizations.  As I've grown into adulthood I know that many of the leadership characteristics the Lord is using now began to develop in high school under the care of my ODCS teachers.


ODCS helped me to figure out what God wanted me to do spiritually, but it took a while after graduating to figure out how that relates to my art. I knew that I wanted to express the relationship between God and humanity, but it took college and life events to show me how to portray that through painting.

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3/23/17 - By Patriot Voice