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Bible Curriculum


ODCS believes that our greatest calling is to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We teach our students about God and His word each day. We want our students to learn how to apply the timeless truths to their lives. Starting in Preschool, we help form the foundation of the Christian faith so that they can grow in their relationship with the Lord. Below you will find the curriculum we use in each grade, for daily instruction. 

Preschool Bible

In our preschool department we familiarize our young students with the Bible truths that emphasizes God's love.

Kindergarten Bible

Familiarizing our students with Bible truths that emphasize God's loving care. 

1st Grade Bible

Our students learn and become familiar with Bible truths that show us God's relationship to people.

2nd Grade Bible

Our second grade students study the character traits of various people in the Bible. 

3rd Grade Bible

Studies the life of Christ, the early church, and missions from the time of Paul until present day. 

4th Grade Bible

Students will learn about the basic doctrines of the Church.

5th Grade Bible 

Studies the Old Testament stories that emphasize choices and their consequences. 

6th Grade Bible

Studies the New Testament and emphasizes choices and their consequences. 

7th Grade Bible

The Christian Experience: This course is an exploration of the Christian experience, theological foundation, and biblical worldview where students begin to articulate what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

8th Grade Bible

Lightbearers: A Biblical Christian Worldview Curriculum for Middle School. This course studies the elements of a Biblical Worldview in order to help students keep from being deceived by anti-Christian worldviews and trains them to actively live out the truth of Christianity in a culture of relativism and confusion. This course will utilize the Lightbearers curriculum from Summit Ministries.

Bible 9

Life of Christ/Acts: This course is founded in the Gospels and focused on the teachings and life of Jesus to help students learn how to live out  I John 2:6 “Who claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus Did.”  Second semester students will survey the book of Acts, the life and ministry of Paul and the history of the early Church.  This course will utilize the Gospels, primarily John and the book of Acts.

Bible 10

Systematic Theology: This is a foundational course that surveys basic doctrines of the church and their implications for life. Specifically, the course will survey bibliology, theology proper, Christology, anthropology, pneumatology, soteriology, hamartiology, ecclesiology, and eschatology. Special attention will be paid to key terms, concepts, and biblical texts. The course will utilize Wayne Grudem’s “Bible Doctrine” as the textbook.

Bible 11

Epistles/Spiritual Disciples: Junior Bible will study the Epistles, written by leaders of the early church, these letters contain valuable insight and principles for living as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Spiritual Disciplines will guide students through an array of disciplines including Scripture reading, worship, silence, solitude, journaling and more.  The course will teach the importance of godliness and offer practical suggestions on how to cultivate a strong relationship with Christ in the student’s personal life. This class will utilize Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney.

Bible 12
Understanding the Times: Senior Bible provides the final theological and philosophical context for a student’s education at ODCS.  It starts from the premise that all truth, regardless of its discipline of origin, is owned by God and belongs to God.  As the apostle Paul alludes to in Romans (1:18-20), everything in creation points the way to the existence of an intentional designer and creator.  The course’s aims are the following: 1) Master the central claims of Christianity, 2) Master the central claims of the world’s mainline religions and secular belief systems, and 3) Engage with this question: How does Christianity’s answers to existence and purpose stand apart from all other religious and secular belief systems?


Purpose Statement: The Open Door Christian School’s Bible Department seeks to assist students in their intellectual and spiritual formation by moving them toward competency in reading, interpreting and applying the Bible and integrating its teaching into their worldview and personal lives.