High School and Middle School Band Syllabus

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For High School and Middle School Band, all students must:

  • Have your instrument with you every day.
  • Have your instrument labeled.
  • Have your music with you every day.
  • Keep your music in a folder.
  • Have reeds, oils, cleaning cloths with you every day.
  • Have two sharpened pencils, and two different color high lighters.
    (Failure to do so, will result in the loss a point for each time an item is missing.)
2. Students must have their work areas set up by the designated start time each day. This includes: instrument, music, stand, high lighter, pencils, and having all valves oiled, reeds prepared, etc. (Not having the all of the above will result in a loss of five points and a detention.)

Set Up Times: Middle School Band and High School Band = 4 minutes after the second bell

Students are expected to clean up their own equipment daily (chairs, stands, music, percussion equipment, etc.) As part of their daily routine. (Not cleaning up personal equipment will result in a loss of five points and a detention.)
3. Instruments and music are expected to go home every weekend, and at least two, or three nights a week. Band class is meant to be a place where we put together the parts we learned at home.
4. Grading policy: Practice sheets are required of all students. They are due the last day of the school week. Late practice sheets will be counted at 50%. Late means after 3:00 p.m. the day due. Practice sheets on the incorrect form will not be accepted.
Minutes Grade
150 A
135 B
120 C
105 D
90 F

(A parent signature is required for credit.)


5. Behavior problems, disrespect (such as name calling, unwilling to follow directions, etc.) And repeated violations of the above band guidelines will result in the following.
First offense Warning/possible detention
Second offense Class removal/detention/call home
Third offense Class removal/parent conference/detention
Fourth offense Principal/teacher/parent meeting and possible removal from the course

*Some actions may result in a conference immediately.



Concerts are required test experiences. Families should be aware of this when scheduling vacations or other important outings. These tests cannot be made up. Work schedules are never considered an excuse for missing a concert. Missing a concert will result in a loss of thirty points.

Fall Concert Dress Code

Middle School

High School

Purchase of an ODCS band shirt is required. Campus wear khaki pants

Band Uniforms


Christmas/Spring Concert Dress Code (HS & JH)



Dresses, no culottes- skorts, Skirt/Blouses. Please make all skirts/dress concert length of modesty concerns.
(This means long skirts/dresses) Dresses may not have spaghetti straps. Dresses containing these must have an accompanying jacket to cover the complete shoulders. All skirts must go to the knees. "A" line, or jeans skirts are no longer permitted. No "T-shirt" tops are permitted. No words, or pictures are permitted on the shirts.

Shirt and ties are required.
Dress pants, no jeans.

(There are no color requirements.)

Failing to meet dress code will result in a student being sent home and losing thirty points from their grade. Dress code decisions will be made by the band director and the principal

7. Due to the nature of our class, gum chewing in not permitted and will result in a detention.
8. When traveling on a band trip school bus policies apply.
*Students must obey parent chaperones.
*Students leaving an event site must notify the director one week prior to the event.
*Students are responsible for their own equipments on trips.


1. Enter the classroom BEFORE the bell
2. Put books, purse, and instrument by your seat
3. Pick up a music stand
4. Setup your instrument
5. Oil, grease and adjust BEFORE class starts
6. Look at the board, and set up your music
7. Have a writing utensil on your music stand
8. Warm-up your instrument
9. During class write down changes, circle important sections, and note areas for home practice.
10. Don't forget to clean your instrument, clean your instrument, CLEAN YOUR INSTRUMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. Put away instrument neatly on shelf
12. Slide drums away neatly
13. Put music away
14. Put stands back neatly on stand rack
15. Make sure that your area is clean and neat


1. Set up your instrument, clean, oil, grease
2. Set up your instrument and turn off your radio, TV, cell phone, etc.
3. Review school warm-ups, scales, chromatics, a few each day
4. Try long tones, and drummers, long rolls, for at least 30 seconds
5. Review school music, the days changes, the hardest points, the band break-down sections


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