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Athletics- Soccer


The following guidelines have been established in conjunction with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) - they are as follows:

An ODCS student-athlete will be ineligible to participate in interscholastic sports during the grading period immediately following a grading period in which they have earned one or more "Fs" or if they have earned less than a 1.85 GPA.
According to OHSAA guidelines, each student is required to pass a minimum of five courses per nine weeks for high school students, and 75% of classes taken for Middle School students.
An eligibility check for all ineligible athletes will take place approximately 4 1/2 weeks into the quarter. A full evaluation of all classes will take place. A student can earn back their eligibility at this time providing they have achieved passing grades in:
     a. A minimum of 5 one-credit courses -or-
     b. The equivalent, which count toward graduation.
Ineligibility does not take effect until the start of the 5th school day of the next grading period (this includes calamity days, faculty in-service, but not holidays or school breaks).

Fall season eligibility - commences at the start of the fall sports season.
First time 7th grade students will be eligible for the first grading period regardless of previous academic achievement. Thereafter, in order to be eligible, a student in grade 7 or 8 must be currently enrolled and receive passing grades in 75% of those subject in which the student received grades.
First time 9th grade students will be eligible for the first grading period regardless of previous academic achievement.

* Note: This policy is subject to change per OHSAA revisions
** Note: The high school principal in conjunction with the athletic director is responsible to determine student eligibility issues.


I have received no F grades, but my grade point average (GPA) is 1.75. Am I eligible?
No, a student-athlete's GPA must be equal to, or greater than 1.85, so they are ineligible until progress reports.

I have one F grade but my GPA is 2.20, am I eligible?
No, if a student-athlete receives one F then they are ineligible until progress reports.

I have two F grades, can I become eligible at progress reports?
High School: Yes, it is possible if you are passing 5 one credit classes. This requires that a student is taking 7 one credit classes. Bible is a 3/4 credit class and would not count towards the 5 one credit classes. If the student has passed 5 one credit classes the previous 9 weeks and at the time of progress reports is not receiving any failing grades and has a GPA of at least 1.85 then they may become eligible.
Middle School: Yes, it possible. Middle School Students must be passing 3/4 of all their classes. If they are taking eight classes that they are earning a grade in, then they must have passed 6 of the 8 classes in the previous 9 weeks and at the time of progress reports are currently passing all of their classes with a GPA of at least 1.85.

Can I practice if I am ineligible?
No, you cannot practice; you should use the time to do homework and study in order to raise your grades and become eligible at progress reports.

I have received a progress report and I have a F grade in a class, am I ineligible?
No, you are not ineligible. A progress report is a warning that you are not performing well in that class and that you need to do the necessary work to bring your grade up by the end of the nine weeks.

How do I become eligible?
An athlete can become eligible at progress reports (4 1/2 weeks) if they meet the following requirements:
a. Have no F grades on their progress reports.
b. Have a GPA of 1.85 or greater.
c. Are passing at least 5 one credit classes (A student in middle school must be passing 3/4 of their classes).
d. Must communicate to coach at report card time their desire to return to the team once they have raised their grades.