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The ODCS Music Department includes three band ensembles: High School Band, Intermediate Band, and Band I. Our goals are to instruct and instill a love for music in students so that we may praise our Lord and Savior through the gift of music. All classes are performance-based and required practice to succeed.

High School Band

High School Band has three distinct components: Marching Band, Concert Band, and Pep Band. Marching Band performs a show at athletic games as well as an indoor band show. The Marching Band also performs at specialty parades in the community and has traveled to different cities in and outside of Ohio to perform at various music competitions and parades. The Concert Band performs a minimum of four shows a year: Christmas, Mid-Winter, OMEA Contest, and the Spring Concert. Pep Band encourages school spirit at a variety of school events such as pep rallies, basketball games, and more.  High School Band is for musicians grades 8-12.

Intermediate Band

Intermediate Band serves as a transition between Band I and High School Band. In this level students learn the skills and musicianship needed to enter High School Band. This group is for all 6th and 7th grade musicians. The intermediate band will perform concerts in the winter and the spring.

Beginning Band

Band I is the beginner group where students first learn to play a band instrument. In this class students will learn one of the six basic starter instruments: trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, or percussion. This band will perform with the lower school ensembles during the winter and spring concerts.


This class meets outside of regular school hours. Enrollment requires an audition and a commitment to the group. Students may travel to perform in a variety of non-school concerts.

Worship Arts

This course is designed to teach students the creative art of worship. Students will be involved in leading worship for Chapels, learning the behind the scenes preparation that needs to be done prior to, and performing dramatic presentations through various methods.

Jazz Band

This class meets outside of regular school hours and is available for all students 7-12th grade. Students primarily perform during the Music Department's Annual Spaghetti Dinner every year, and may also perform in a variety of non-school concerts.