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Why a Christian School?

Time flies when you are raising children.

One day you’re getting them ready for preschool.   Soon you’re driving in the car pool taking them to practices, field trips, and games.  Before you know it graduation is around the corner.  The time you have to teach, inspire, and influence your child is short.

Like most parents, you want your child to excel in this world—academically, personally, and in a rewarding career.  But Christian parents have the higher goal of raising a child who will choose to live for Christ.

However, you have a choice, too. Your home life and your church are powerful influences upon your child to draw them closer to God and point them in the right direction.  But what about school?  What difference could it make if all the hours spent in school and at school activities reinforced what you are trying to instill at home and church?  What if the teachers were concerned about your child’s salvation and discipleship as well as reaching his or her full academic potential?  What if your child could experience the fun and excitement of traditional school activities and sports in the context of faith?  When the events of our world impinge upon daily life, what if your child’s school responded to his or her questions and fears with God’s Word and fervent prayer?