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Home School Students

ODCS wants to support Christian parents to parent well, with home school programs that help you be the awesome parents you want to be. So, in addition to an excellent, accredited "bricks and mortar" school, you can partner with ODCS to home school your child.

Wish you could offer your child the experience of band? Is teaching Chemistry with a robust laboratory a bit tricky in the kitchen? Does your child love theatre and would like to audition for the musical? How about learning to play a sport from a loving Christian environment?  ODCS wants to share from our "educational tool box" to help you!  

Students who home school may take up to three classes at ODCS and become a part-time ODCS student. As an ODCS part-time student, taking at least one class, your child can participate in extra-circular activities.

Students grade 7-12 may participate in our Football program without being a part-time student. Want to know more? Click here

Call our Admissions Office at 440-326-2367 or request more information to learn more.

Click here for ODCS curriculum guide.