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Does my family need to be a member of Church of the Open Door to apply to ODCS?

No, in fact over 100 churches are represented in our student body. Families that apply to ODCS for grades K-12 must be active attendees of their church. A pastoral reference is part of the application process.

Is church attendance required to enroll my preschooler to your preschool program?

Although we encourage our preschool families to attend church, it is not required of families as our preschool program is open to the community. Families should understand that Biblical instruction is part of every preschool day.

Are the academics at ODCS really better than public schools and other private schools?

Yes! Open Door Christian Schools (ODCS) standardized test results are above the national average. ODCS students continue to excel as compared to other students in Ohio in both public and private schools. Private schools include all other ACSI schools, Catholic, Lutheran and Christian schools, and non-religious private schools. We are proud of the quality education ODCS provides. 95% of our graduates go unto higher education.

My child has special needs or an IEP/504/Service Plan; can ODCS help?

Maybe. It is our desire to help every student at ODCS reach their fullest God given potential. Our schools are currently designed to help a wide range of abilities. However, we are not equipped to instruct every child with special needs. Your application would need to include your child’s academic performance thus far and any assessments (ETR and IEP or 504) he or she may have. We would use this information, conversations with parents/guardians, and our own screenings/assessments to see if we can help your child.

My child is gifted; will your program challenge him or her?

Yes! By having small class sizes in every grade, we continually endeavor to challenge our students in class with individual attention. Beginning Kindergarten programs like Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math challenge our most gifted students to reach individual potential while also increasing the performance of all students. Honors courses begin in the Upper School (grades 7-12). Advanced students in grades 7 and 8 may take select High School classes for credit. In High School we office a wide range of Advanced Placement courses and we participate in the College Credit Plus program. 

Does ODCS have any licenses, accreditations or charters?

Yes! ODCS is chartered by the State of Ohio. (This is not the same as a “charter school,” which ODCS is not.) Our preschool program is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. Preschool-12th grade, ODCS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). This rigorous accreditation process is a high mark of distinction. In fact, we are the only ps-12 school that is ACSI accredited with in 60 miles of Elyria. We are also accredited through the North Central Association which is under the authority of Advanced Ed, the region’s premier accrediting agency. ODCS is one of only 12 schools in the state to be dually accredited by ACSI and Advanced Ed.

Does the State of Ohio dictate your curriculum?

No. While ODCS incorporates and surpasses Ohio’s new content standards, our curriculum is not created, or dictated by the state. Our curriculum is based in a Christian worldview using the Bible along with excellent textbooks for instruction.

What are tuition rates?

Tuition is based per grade. And we are pleased to offer a multiple child discount. Click here for a tuition schedule.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

Many parents tell us that they they would love Christian education for their child but they just can’t afford it. What many people don’t know it that it is more attainable than they might think. With multiple child discounts, monthly payment plans, financial aid and two state scholarships, there are options to help. Click on this link for more: Tuition, Scholarships and Financial Aid