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Coach and Assistant Coach Roles: Junior First LEGO League (Grades K-3) and FIRST LEGO League (Grades 4-8) 
Mentors and Coaches are individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines who work with students to share their knowledge and guide them through the season.  In the world of youth robotics coaches/mentors are typically teachers and parents.  Robotics coaches DO NOT need to have a technical background to lead a youth robotics program. They DO need to be able to ask questions and guide youth through the process of finding answers. 
The most effective robotics coaches, approach their job as a facilitator rather than as a teacher. By doing so, these coaches make the youth responsible for their own learning and development. They provide the group with direction and support rather than providing them with direct knowledge. A coach will guide youth to finding the right answer, rather than providing it. By doing this, the youth develop practical knowledge, creative thinking, and problem solving skills. They are also encouraged to work together as a team.  The assistant coach will be more responsible for organizing/monitoring/assisting the coach in working with the teams.
Coaches contribute on a weekly basis during the program season, or support their team with subject matter expertise on an as needed basis.  The assistant coach helps to monitor and support students in the various parts of the Robotics project, when they are not working directly on the Robot (presentation, poster, etc.).
Teams may have additional or more specialized roles or combine roles as needed.
Job Description:

•        Help the team set realistic goals and project timelines
•        Facilitate meetings and help the team to coordinate the work
•        Administrative responsibilities such as tournament registration and communication
•        Inspire students in science, technology, engineering, and math
•        Motivate and engage students through activities
•        Establish ground rules to provide a safe and nurturing environment
•        Create open communication within the group
•        Ensure all youth have opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the project
•        Create team spirit by keeping things fun
•        Relay all aspects of competition guidelines and rules to the team, other Coaches, Volunteers and parents

These positions would also require the following:

•    Has received and acknowledges Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior.
•    Stands as a positive Christian role model for students, staff and our larger community.
•    Regularly attends church with a congregation that has a statement of faith consistent with the School’s statement of faith.
•    Agrees and supports the ODCS Statement of Faith.
•    A background check would be required.

Mentor and Coaches Roles FIRST Tech Challenge or Robotics Competition & VEX EDR High School
Guidelines: Grade Range 7-12
This is higher levels of robotics with more complex designs and hardware and challenging competitions.  Coaches with a STEM background are highly desired, but not required.
All Job Description and coaching requirements would be the same as what is mentioned above.

If you are interested in becoming a coach or assistant coach, please contact Mrs. Lowe at or 326-2354.