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Alternative Instruction




Q: Will the live classes/meetings occur during the same time?
A: Students will be made aware of live meetings one full school day ahead of time. If you notice an overlap, please email the teacher immediately on the issue. We will work with you!

Q: Is there a way to record Zoom calls?
A: For the most part, teachers are recording them and posting them after the session. Students have limited rights to record for some security reasons, but the recordings should be fairly accessible.

Q: Can chapel also be on Zoom, and is it mandatory?
A: Chapel was not available on Zoom for the first week (4/1), but we will have it available on Zoom from now on. It is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged!

Q: What time will the live meetings take place for preschool?
A: Each preschool teacher will communicate with you personally on a time that best fits each family’s schedule.

Q: How can a student make up for a missed Zoom meeting?
A: Being in a live session is very important. However, we do understand that life happens and teachers are understanding of this. They are handling each situation as they come in and will communicate with you on how to move forward.

Q: Is it possible to have teachers send something out to either the student or the parent when they miss a meeting? We never would have known he missed without the 0's on the progress report.
A: Each teacher has been trying to notify a student when a Zoom call is missed and continues to work hard on this. Please send the teacher an email once you notice and we will work with you.

Q: Is there another way to access any answers for parents and students other than Facebook? Can we watch the Facebook live meetings on Zoom?
A: On the school website (, a special page has been created and dedicated for the COVID-19 pandemic and our response including this FAQ sheet. We do also have a Zoom link now to watch our weekly updates!

Q: Will online class modules remain accessible by students after the live stream?
A: In general, yes most of these modules will be accessible for a period of time after the live stream if needed. However, the live meetings will be mandatory (in grades 5-12) and attendance will be taken.

Q: Where is the video posted from the athletic department for the spring sport challenge?
A: The video was emailed directly to spring sport participants, and is also shared on Facebook.

Q: What happens if there is a family with several children between second and twelfth grade trying to access their classes online, and internet/connection issues occur? How can the parent/student communicate this issue if it is during a mandatory live lesson?
A: Please contact your teacher or principal immediately if there is such an issue. We understand that things may not run perfectly, and we will work with you. Communication will be very important!

Q: Is there a way for a student to make up points from missing a live Zoom meeting? Also, how can we get out of the “waiting room” to join a class?
A: We are standing firm on the grading for live Zoom meetings for classes. As always, if there is an extenuating circumstance please do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher or principal. A student being held in the “waiting room” is indeed an extenuating circumstance including medical and technical issues. Students and/or parents need to immediately notify the teacher and/or principal of the issue.



Q: If I have several children attending Open Door Christian Schools in second through twelfth grade, does each child need to check out a Chromebook?
A: It is not mandatory that each student checks out a Chromebook from the school, but it may be helpful when it comes to time spent online as a family and overlapping issues with live meetings per grade. Personal computers, tablets, and phones will also work for these chats and conversations.

Q: Will all school work mandate a Chrome browser, or can my child use another browser?
A: If you have your own computer at home, your child MAY use that device rather than checking out a Chromebook with the school. The majority of the time, browser type should not make a difference. With this being said, Safari should work just fine as well.

Q: Who can I reach out to for IT help including Chromebook issues?
A: Please contact Mr. Williams ( for upper school Chromebook issues and Mrs. Lowe ( for lower school Chromebook issues. Miss Miksa has been helping families with exchanging Chromebooks, so you can email her as well at



Q: Is there any discussion on the sophomore class coursework load? 
A: There were discussions held with the sophomore class and the teachers regarding the workload. There are adjustments that have been made and we are still looking into the situation.

Q: Are there going to be any exams for upper school this year?
A: There will not be normal end of course exams this year. 

Q: Will AR tests continue?
A: Yes, after a short break, we have now included AR for our students again.

Q: In what way will classes such as art, band, and choir be instructed online?
A: Teachers are brainstorming on projects that can be completed at home and working very diligently on how each of these classes will move forward.

Q: How will teachers communicate to students when they will be available to help with any questions through email or text messages?
A: Each school day, teachers will be available for any help or questions from 8:00 AM until 8:30 AM through Zoom calls or email. Teachers may also set up a specific time to work with your student through any issues or concerns.

Q: Will state testing be administered this school year?
A: In all honesty, there has not been any clarity provided on this topic. Governor DeWine has shared that if we can’t test, we can’t test. Also, it has been asked for relief on testing during this time. For 3rd through 12th-grade students, we are still waiting for a formal directive from DeWine on state testing. If a student is involved in advanced placement class, they are adapting the process and students in the AP program are going to be able to test from home. College credit earned from these will still be accepted. In a “worst-case scenario,” there will be many opportunities for high school students to earn the required 18 points for testing in order to graduate throughout the upcoming years. So do not stress too much on state testing.

Q: Will classwork be given daily or weekly, and how will this be communicated?
A: Teachers have prioritized their lessons for the next few weeks. There will be some level of daily interaction with classes. It will not be overwhelming, or done live every day. It is likely that teachers will become comfortable with these programs, and start to push out information and assignments. If a student begins to feel overwhelmed, please do not hesitate to reach out to your principal or teacher. Most classes will be set up through Google Classroom for both lower and upper school. Preschool through first-grade families will be receiving emails regarding assignments and lessons for students in these grades.

Q: Will any printing be asked of families?
A: No papers will be mandatory to be handed into the school for both lower and upper school. Printing out documents may help with the easiness of reading materials, but it is not mandatory.

Q: How long will school days be for lower school?
A: School hours for lower school will be communicated soon for day-to-day, but students will not be sitting with their computers from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Q: How will my first-grade student continue working when our packet is finished? Will there be another pickup date?
A: There will be information sent to parents on additional work.

Q: Is it possible to have new schedules sent to both students and parents?
A: Absolutely, we will be sure to do that.

Q: Can students access their lockers on Tuesday, March 17th?
A: Yes! Please get all academic materials needed for schooling and check out a Chromebook in the Upper School Office on Tuesday between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Q: How can lower school students communicate directly with their teacher besides email?
A: There is a chat feature available in Google Classroom. Teachers are monitoring this daily. We are looking at turning lower school student emails on.

Q: Are the students expected to use RenWeb for assignments? Or is everything on Google Classrooms now?
A: Both lower school and upper school’s priority is on Google Classroom in which the most accurate information will be provided. We are working hard for inputting grades on Sunday nights.

Q: Is it possible for Google Classroom to send a notification when information/assignments are added?
A: There is a function under the student’s Google Classroom account in settings to adjust the notifications.

Q: After my student watches the videos on Google Classroom, we are directed to YouTube proper. How can we avoid this?
A: There is a safeguard on YouTube you can look at to avoid this.



Q: How will the school days resume for the 2020/2021 school year?
A: Our intention is to return to on-campus instruction after Labor Day for the 2020/2021 school year. We hope by then that we will be back to regular full days, five days a week.

Q: Will there still be an athletic auction fundraiser this year?
A: Unfortunately due to the circumstances, the Athletic Department will not be hosting the annual auction this year.

Q: How will commencement work this year to celebrate the class of 2020?
A: We are working hard to make graduation as special as possible for our seniors and their families. Commencement will be held on Sunday, May 24th at 2:30 PM with more information coming soon!

Q: What are the WITH groups and Connect meetings showing up on my student’s schedule?
A: These are groups we offer at the school for the students to grow spiritually. They will go live starting next week. We will push the information out with students via Google Classroom. WITH groups are for grades 7th-12th.

Q: Is there a date set up for book returns/drop-offs/locker cleanout?
A: There is not a date set yet, but we will be communicating that with you in the near future.

Q: Do we know what is happening with senior events such as prom and graduation?
A: We have an invitation to be sent to all seniors, and then to the parents of seniors to discuss these experiences. Our Student Council has been working diligently with Mrs. Mann to discuss all of the events for seniors.

Q: Is there a way for parents to access their student’s account?
A: You may ask your student for the account login and password, or we can provide that information for you. If you are looking for information on student accounts such as fees you may contact the business department.

Q: When is the final deadline for next year’s enrollment?
A: The earlier the better, but we have pushed the deadline back a little bit.

Q: Will Easter break remain the same?
A: Yes, Easter break will start on Friday, April 10th. We will resume alternative instruction on Monday, May 20th.

Q: Where will the senior spotlights and weekly fitness winners be announced?
A: These will be announced through social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which will typically be announced each Monday. We also have senior shoutout videos that will be launched on Tuesdays which will be pushed out via email.

Q: What time will the Rocket League Tournaments start on Friday?
A: The tournaments are planned to start at 4:00 PM.

Q: Was there a master online class schedule posted for this week (4/6-4/9)?
A: Yes, Mrs. Stintsman posted the schedule for POD students. All 7th through 12th-grade students received the schedule in their grade’s Google Classroom, and it was shared via email on Friday, 4/3.

Q: Is the school still going to hold the plant sale again this year?
A: Yes! The date of the plant sale will be held on Saturday, May 9th. All orders will be placed online, and you will then come to the school to pick up your order. Online orders begin on Thursday, April 30th.

Q: Is there a plan for yearbooks or award ceremonies? Will awards be mailed to students?
A: We are still working on the final details for awards, but we will host award ceremonies on Zoom and Facebook Live on Tuesday, May 19th. Grades K-4 will be held at 9:00 AM, 5-8 at 10:00 AM, and 9-12 at 11:00 AM. Yearbooks are still moving forward and being worked on for both lower school and upper school.

Q: Will school still end on Wednesday, May 27th?
A: Yes, however, school will be winding down prior to May 27th. Further details will be provided.


  1. Tuesday, May 12th, Alycia Wood will be meeting with our students and families at Open Door via Zoom. At 1:30 PM she will meet with all female students grades 7-12 during connect time until about 2:30 PM. At 6:00 PM she will be available to all of the ODCS community for about 30 minutes.
  2. There is an “ODCS Has Talent” talent show that will be communicated for lower school students soon!
  3. Course request forms for next school year are due by Friday, May 15th.
  4. There will be conferences held for lower school toward the end of the school year.
  5. Time to get creative and participate in the art show!! The lower and upper school deadline for the art show is Friday!.
  6. Spirit Week will be held during the week of 5/11 for the entire school!! Check your emails for each day’s theme!
  7. There will be a $100 partnership credit on each student’s account to help pay for any fees on your account.
  8. We encourage all to take a moment for prayer at your home each day for all involved in not only our school, but all schools currently going through these changes. Visit for more information.
  9. As of Monday, April 20th, Governor DeWine announced that schools will not return for on-campus instruction. With this being said, we will continue alternative instruction.
  10. Lower School will have pep rallies coming and recognition for accelerated readers!!
  11. There will be a kindergarten graduation held on Friday, May 22nd at 6:00 PM. Details will be sent out soon!
  12. An email has been sent with attachments explaining grading for preschool, lower school, and upper school.
  13. Preschool will be holding a “Tea with a Queen” party to celebrate Mother’s Day! Packets are going to be sent to the homes of preschool students including tea, cookies, and little gifts to enjoy together! Zoom calls will be held with each individual class, check your emails for times.
  14. Admissions have billboards on Route 10 showing the community our support of all essential workers. Check it out and join us in prayer!
  15. Please share our posts on Twitter (ODCSAdmissions) to get the word out on re-enrollment and joining our school.
  16. Admissions has created a page on our school website that includes virtual open house videos! Click HERE to visit!
  17. We are starting a community strong focus to share that we are praying for everyone in the community through our digital billboard.
  18. “ODCS Serves” will be focusing on ways to support and encourage educators in our community. Share your pictures with Mr. Daniel!
  19. Offices at Open Door Christian Schools will be closed during Easter break starting Friday, April 10th. We will return to alternative instruction on Monday, April 20th.
  20. Chapel will be held for lower school and upper school via Facebook Live and Zoom. The next chapel is on Thursday, 5/14 at 1:45 PM.
  21. Take advantage of Mr. Williams’ and Mrs. Lowe’s office hours! Mr. Williams is available at 8:30 AM Monday-Thursday and Mrs. Lowe is available at 1:30 PM Monday-Thursday.
  22. Campus-wide Bible study on 1 Peter via Right Now Media:
    1. Text “Rightnow OpenDoorSchools” to 41411 to register
    2. There will be a channel for Lower School and a channel for Upper School.
  23. Interventional specialists are going to be working with students again!
  24. Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Abraham will be having storytime with students during times the students usually have library class.
  25. Lower school emails may get turned on so please stay tuned!
  26. More subjects are being added to lower school including science and social studies.
  27. Preschool teachers will reach out to any parents who missed conferences.
  28. Emails are now being sent to parents as well if records are showing that a student missed a live meeting.