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CampusWear & SpiritWear

ODCS students grades Kindergarten - 12th wear a casual uniform we call CampusWear. (ODCS preschoolers wear play clothes to school.)  Parents have told us again and again that they appreciate CampusWear. Here are some reasons why:

  1. CampusWear helps students mentally prepare for the school day. Just as we adults, prepare for our day with appropriate clothing, CampusWear means students are more focused. 
  2. CampusWear helps students bond. We are group of families united in Christ at ODCS, CampusWear helps remove distractions of any social or economic differences.
  3. CampusWear is simple and removes any discussions about what to wear in the morning.
  4. CampusWear has options. With a variety of colors and styles, plus freedom in shoes, socks, and accessories (like scarves,) a student's style can still show through.
What exactly is CampusWear?  We have chosen clothing from French Toast and Lands End suppliers. Basically, it is khaki, black and navy blue pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers with a wide variety of solid color polo shirts. Dress oxfords and ties may be worn if students choose. Friday is usually a Patriot Spirit Day where students grades Kindergarten - 12th may wear jeans with a uniform or school spirit shirt (like a t-shirt from ODCS activity or sport). On occasion, there are special school spirit and "dress down" days.


ODCS has a SpiritWear store that you can purchase apparel from all year! You can purchase items anytime and they will be delivered directly to your home. Some items such as: polos, 1/4 zip pullovers or non-hooded sweatshirt apparel are acceptable CampusWear.

Purchase your items here